White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”

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#thinkaboutit #seedthought #wisewords #quoteoftheday #politricks #lies #propaganda (at Shelby County Election Commission)

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The Loophole- Garfunkel & Oates

"Fuck me in the ass ‘cause I love Jesus" might be my new favorite lyric

"…outside the box" hah. haha. ha. I see what they did there.

Well, can’t argue with that logic!

Saudi Arabia declares atheists terrorists under new laws 


Saudi Arabian “leadership” are our cunts of the day. ..

Well, next time I visit Saudi Arabia, I’ll be sure to wear my holy colander to show that I’m *obviously* not an atheist. Phew, glad I saw this so I could be prepared.

Gekko_the_Great comments on YSK that a newly announced measurement of primordial polarisation of light caused by gravitational waves, is the first possible evidence that space and time on large scales interact with quantum mechanics, giving physical evidence of a Grand, Unified Theory. 

Is this really something a regular guy working hard to eek out his existence REALLY needs to know or is it just something you physics types get all tingly in your underpants about?

This is seriously worth a read. A very solid example of why science should be important to the “regular guy”(or girl)

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